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November 9th update



Almost time to start our Christmas decorating.   This little chambersick sitting by your bedside is the perfect touch.  Small tin thumb ring to carry by.   Aged red paint.  Has a sprig of preserved juniper (smells so good)  and an old wool fabric strip in Christmas colors, which is easily removed for the rest of the year if you want.. Never leave lit candle unattended  Measures approx: 3 1/2 "  wide X 2 1/2-3" Tall..  10 available.....$39.00 each


Small, turned treen pot filled with a Faux Frazier Fir sapling.. real, hardened potting soil. Pack it away with ur Christmas decorations or leave it out all year.  Perfect to sit in that one little spot in ur cupboard.   I'll stick  one of the Christmas wool strips in your box  to use if you'd like....10 available. 7" T with sapling X 2 1/2 wide.................... $29  ea...


Turned, wooden bells will be one of your favorite decorating pieces.  I love them in a wreath and as an ornament  for your tree as well.    They have a rusty jingle bell hanging inside, and a wire hook and a strip of Christmas wool.. measures:  approx.  3"T X 3 1/2" wide..     No two are identical but very close.    30 available   $19.50 ea.

Betty Lamp Tidy

A tidy is another word for riser...  The tidy gets the candlelight up where it helps you see.... I've set my table with one on each end and a hogscraper on each and it looks very nice. So if you don't have a Betty Lamp, no problem, any candlestick looks good.   I painted these in a dry, aged black paint.  The tops are a darkened natural. They measure approx.  6" X 3",  no two are turned identical. $65 


We offered these on the last update but our  internet service went down so  I promised that we'd have more this update.  For the life of us, we can't get enough wood for more than 3 but was thankful our guy found this for us.  I'll add the measurements below them.  I think a small wheel of cheese would look so good in one especially for a buffet dinner.........................$89.00 ea.

8 1/2 T  X 6  W.  (#2)

8T x 6W.     ( #1)

7 1/2 T  X  5  1/2 W.       (#3)
Water Magnifier


Replicates a very early piece.  Turned handles, aged cork, original red paint...has a most wonderful, early look sitting on ur old desk-top..  5 available.  measures approx.  10"long incl. handles X 4" wide.... $125.00

stable lantern

Quite primitive stable lantern.   Wooden top and bottom, aged,  punched tin body and hanging loop.   I've made these as safe as possible with tin on the underneath side of the top but still don't leave unattended when lit.    I can't combine shipping on these,  they will be boxed by themselves and run $13.... measures approx. (inc.handles)  12 1/2" x 5" wide.......$125.00 ea.         5 available


Salem Light


Such a beautiful, sofly burning  light.  candlestick  has a tin reflector..  All the tin is aged as well as the wooden base.  candle included.. 4 available, never leave lit candle unattended .  The Salem lights  also will be shipped by themselves, with no combining for $13..  measures approx:  16" Tall by 5 1/2 Wide.  $95 ea..

7 3/4 W.      (#1)
8" W.      ( #3)

Wooden plates.   Mix them in with ur early  wooden plates and it's nearly impossible to tell the difference. These have cut marks, some burns and slight warping just like the early ones.   4 available.....Measurements under each plate...   $69. ea

7 3/4" W.        (#2)
8" W.      (#4)
Low-country candlestick

Turned in the beautiful shape of the early bulbous bottomed pewter candlesticks..  These are in a good, aged attic finish.. measuring approx.  5 wide X 5 1/2-6" tall.  Never leave lit and unattended... These turned out so very close in the turning and in the finish, I'm not listing them individually.  4 available....  $85 ea.

IMG_1212 4.jpeg

Grogg Cup


I love it when Don makes these cups.  They have such an aged, grubby, chunky masculine look.   I can just picture them in an old tavern sitting on an old scarred table...  They are finished in a good aged, scrubbed surface. They look nice in the  Winter/Christmas season with a stick of cinnamon added suggesting a spiced  cider drink...  they measure approx: 3 1/2" wide x 4 1/4 tall.  4 available.  55.00 ea.




Taken from a Rufus Porter  mural, this painting is finished in oil paint on a canvas. Colonial homes and a clipper ship.  Painting depicts a sunny, partly cloudy, somewhat windy day... I slightly darkened the backside of the canvas  to give it a more aged look...Overall old, pine frame size is 12 1/2 X 14 1/2..Painting measure 8 x 10,...........$125.00  

IMG_1229 2.jpeg
Bouquet of Candy Canes                  watercolor 

Wonderful little water color to get out with your Christmas decorations each year. Early, little black frame  is the perfect frame for the Candy Cane bouquet.  Bouquet is placed in a polka dot pewter piece.. Original hanger.. measures 3 3/4 X 4 3/4"............$85


Sitting in  an early original red paint frame, this whole painting is so Christmasy.  The Cardinal is all fluffed up to keep warm.  The paper is stained.   Cardinal is sitting in a holly tree..   The red paint  on the frame is very worn..  measures: 6 1/4 wide  X 7" tall........$95


I'm sure many of you have seen my inspiration for this painting. It's in a lot of places on Pinterest. The neutral colors really appeal to me. The paper is stained and aged. The writing reads   Elizabeth Ann Wells was born July 10 in the year of our Lord 1794. Underneath the writing  are various floral designs.  The frame is old and from what I can see started out red, then gold, then black.  It's pretty chipped up and shows it's age but works great with this folky little painting. Measures: 4 1/2 X 6".....$95


Pretty , little, golden ,song bird  fraktur painted in the Pennsylvania Dutch style.   Simple, dotted border, finished in water colors.  aged and somehat faded look.   Reads Sara Hanssen, Oktober 1817.   Old gold frame measures" 7 5/8" X 9 5/8....... $95.00

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