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November 29th  Update

Hanging Candle Dryer

Pretty candle dryers with nice, turned handles. The hooks have an authentic look and the aged surface makes this look just like an early piece.  There are 10 hooks on each one and I aged 10 candles with extended wicks  to be included with each dryer.   You just tie them on. approx. 6-7" of wire chain on each one...  Four available... The plate portion measures approx 10"... the height is approx 7 1/2" including the eyebolt on top..........$79 ea.

2 available
Handled Christmas Bells

1800's style teachers' bell.  3 jingle bells wired inside.  The handle has fresh, preserved juniper along with a festive ribbon attached. Fun to decorate  along with the rest of your decorations for Christmas.  Fifteen available.  They measure approx: 6  3/4 - 7" tall   3 - 3 1/2" wide...$35. ea.




Mary Rose Lantern

The Mary Rose ship sank in 1545 and wasn't found until 1971...  There were 18 of these lanterns recovered.  We've kept these as close to original as possible. Pegged construction, wire handle and aged tin candle cup.. I'll take the wire handle off for shipping..  It will just slip right back on... A few of the originals had spike holders for the candle, we opted for the tin.  Vent hole in the top of each.  I also lined the underneath top with tin.. I will add an aged candle with each lantern... A good early look with interesting history.  four available.  #1 is 11 1/4 T X 5 W.........  #2 is 10 5/8 T x 5 W.

#3 is 10 1/4 T X 5 W......#4 is 10 5/8 T X 5 W.....  $125.00 ea

all  sold

IMG_7900 2.jpeg
Low-Country Candlestick

Beautiful shape on these fat-bottomed, bulbous candlesticks.  reminiscent  of the early bell-bottomed, pewter candlesticks.. I added an aged tin candle cup insert into the top of each....never leave lit candle unattended... each piece measures approx . 7 - 7 1/2 inc. cup  X  approx. 5" wide.   Good, early look surface. Four available...... .$89 each

all sold

Treen Plates

wooden plates will show all the character of a 200 year old plate.. warping, knife marks, burned edges on some, all with a smooth, scrubbed surface.  You won't know the difference when added to your antique plate display..  I'll add the size of each plate on its' individual  picture.. 5 available............$69 ea.

all sold

Wooden bowls


Don turned four bowls for this update. Each show beehive turnings and are finished to replicate a much handled /used piece from the 1800's kitchen.. Nice worn rim and base ... I'll picture them seperately with their measurements  and prices. 4 available


Make-do Stemware

In  the 18th century, glass was a precious commodity and when a piece like this was broken, the owner went to great lengths to make it usable again..  I searched for many years and did see one once, but wasn't able to buy it..  Don made these for me to add to my little bar area.. Pair them with one of his old tavern bottles and the look is so early..   Our woodman brought these small pieces of walnut and we knew they would be perfect for the make dos we had been wanting to make..  I have two glass topped pieces and three glass bottomed pieces...  The glass topped ones measure approx: 6 1/2"  T. .... The glass stemmed pieces are approx.  5 7/8" T. ..................$45 each..... Just specify glass top or glass bottom.


Butter crocks

Turned wood butter crocks painted to look like stoneware..Applied, baked clay handles.  Two say butter and the third simply has the cobalt vine.  3 available..  Aged wooden lids....Measures approx.  6 1/2" W. X 4 1/2" T..................    $95.00 ea.



Pennsylvania  Dutch style Fraktur

Housed in a good old, 6 X 8 frame this fraktur is in the Pennsylvania Dutch style.. folky, stylized tree and love birds in watercolor............$75.00


Bookcover Painting


I painted the faded, ringneck teal bird on this old book cover in watercolor... measures: 6 1/4" X 8 5/8" In old brown ink, I signed the cover Elizabeth Wilson, October 10th, 1847. 4th Grade English.  This book was Recitations for Boys and Girls and the cover has the sweetest artwork itself........ $29.00

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