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Wooden Butter Dome

7" tall x 6" wide

This is one of my favorite things that Don has turned.  The original butter domes were probably pewter.   They are perfect summertime accessories.  No flys can get to your butter!  I think a bowl of dip would be great in them also. Imagine how great your picnic table will look all decked out for a country bbq. Inside on your early table, it will look right at home year round..All of these are pretty much exact except #3 is one inch taller.   I added measurements alongside pictures... 3 available, $89 each

8 " T. X 6 1/4" W.


7" T  X  6 1/4" W


Witch Hat and Stand

  little hat is stiffened and aged with spices sprinkled on it.... cheese cloth hat band. Sweet little Halloween display.....  Don turned the stands in a simple form..  The little hats fit it perfectly. After Halloween I'm going to add a little calico bonnet to it and keep it out year round.  It'd be fun to make a small parade hat for the summer months..5 available...$55.oo



Halloween Bat


Bats are stiffened and aged just like the hats.  They are covered in spices to give a dirty old appearance.  Peppercorn eyes.  Their wings are wired so you can shape them however you like.  They have stitching on the back to mimic webbing.. The bats are displayed on a dowel inserted in the bottom of the bat.  They are then stuck into the finial..  I'm not attaching them permanently so you can remove the bat and add a flag or whatever for the summer months.  Making them good to use year round.  Approximately 11" tall by up to 12" wide, depending on how you shape the wings.  You can always bend the wings in more to make the bat slimmer.  10 available....$65.00

all sold


Mary Rose Lantern


The Mary Rose  ship went down in the 16th century.   18  lanterns were recovered in 1826..  You can see the original on Pinterest.  This is our rendition..   It is very primitive with  pegged construction and several repairs.   The underneath top has tin applied to make it safer to burn .  Old wire hanger.  Has an old, very authentic look.   Measures approx. 10"- 11" tall  X 5" wide.  5 available.....          Never leave lit candle or lantern unattended....         $125.00


The lanterns will ship for $13.00.  I'm sorry I can'tcombine shipping on these with other items. Also, I'll remove the wire handle and tuck it in the box. It slips right back on.

10 1/2 W X 4 3/4 T.



Wooden Bowls

8" W. X 2" T.

two larger, deeper bowls and one small bowl.  These have a wonderful, early look to them.  The big ones are perfect fruit bowls, the small one  is in blue paint and  a perfect candy or nut dish.  Will fit right in with your old treenware.... I'll add measurements  with the pictures.  Two larger bowls are $69, small bowl is $49


11" W X 4 3/4" T



Wooden stand with shoo-fly screen

This isn't a brand new shoo-fly,  it has a newer look to it and I pictured the only flaw to the screen..  There's a wire that's slightly bent  This is such a good looking accessory , you will enjoy using it time and time again.  I used to be able to order these brand new but they seem to always be back-ordered now. The pretty wooden stand measures: 10 1/2" W  X 3 3/4" T.   The screen including the knob  measures 7" Tall.... $89.00



Shaved Brooms

Brooms have been shaved on an old fashioned shaving horse from pecan saplings...  #1  is a hearth broom,  #2 could be used as a hearth broom also but is more the size of a kitchen broom..  #'s 3 and 4 are kitchen utility brooms..  I'll add the sizes to the pictures.  Good aged surface and leather hanging loop.   $69 ea

all  sold


Bail-handled, lidded container

These wooden containers have the best early look..  We added a bail handle which really sets them apart.  A good size for a sugar bowl or any  other storage you may need.  4 available.  Measures approx. 5 1/4"T x 5 1/4" W....... $115. ea.

Whale tail tin sconces

beautiful tin sconces are aged  and will continue to age through the years, no final protective coat has been added., but you can easily do so with any light coat of matt spray polyurethane . The whale tail is an early pattern found primarily in New England and eastern states.  Our old tin source sadly went out of business last year due to the pandemic but we've found another one.  This tin is heavier which we actually prefer.   Good primitive to up-scale look, sconces measure:..approx. 4 1/2 -5" wide X 13-13 1/2 T.   4 Available....$49 each, all four sold seperately.

all sold


18th century style Silhouette watercolor

Handsome colonial gentleman.   This isn't a hollow cut silhouette, but a watercolor. Housed in a very old frame on aged watercolor paper.   Shows water stains just as you'd see on an early piece.  The frame has mixed nails and  looks to have been originally gold. Measures:   5 3/8" X 4"    ... $95.00 




Folky Quail watercolor

The bob-white has such a folky look .  This one is painted in watercolors.   The size is nice at 4 3/4" X 4"T. Really nice old scarred frame in original gold paint and with original hanger.  




Fall Seasonal Watercolor Pr.




Preening Peacock Fraktur

Strutting peacock,  nice border and dated 1847. Stained and brittle looking paper..  Frame is old... I added the wooden backing from another frame I have..  It isn't a perfect fit but very close. Black over gold leafing..  pretty colorful fraktur for your collection.   Measures" 4 3/8" W X 6" T.......  $65.00


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