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Tavern Tankard

I'd love to visit the tavern where these are used.  Big, beefy, scratched and scarred tankards, more than likely filled with ale. Probably more for the gentlemen than the ladies due to their oversize.  Large wooden handle, centuries worth of wear and tear.  They measure approx. 6" tall  X 4 3/4" wide .  four available.......$85.00

all sold

Wooden Gruel Bowl

all sold 

Set your table with these bowls and  you'll get the look and feel of a 200 year old tavern. Finished in an attic surface, making them look  like they've been filled with gruel and eaten out of every morning  for many many years.  I'll include a spoon  with each bowl..   they measure approx. 6" wide X 3" tall.......  $65.00 ea.

Turned treen Candeliers
11" tall X 15"wide..
 4 arms   $95.00

Candeliers are the perfect piece to fill in a vignette.. Whether you're primitive, colonial, minimalist or if you want every space filled. I made 2 of the four-armed pieces ,  1 three-armed and 1 two-armed... Candles  and 5-6 links of wire chain included..   measure approx. 12" tall X 15" wide...... exact measurements and prices below each candelier.

All sold


10" tall X 14" wide 

3 arms,  $80.00

11" tall X 15"wide..
4 arms..  $95.00

13" tall X 13 1/2" wide.. 

2 arms,

Early look chamberstick with snuffer

finished in an old attic surface this little chamberstick is ready to sit on your bedside stand.. Tin handle..  Comes with a tin snuffer.  Measures approx 4" tall X 3 3/8" wide.   Snuffer with handle  is 8" long..  items are almost exact, so not sold as numbered.        $75

All sold

Stoneware look - Ovoid Jug

Painted to replicate stoneware...Quart size, turned wood ovoid jug.  Handle is baked clay.  Cobalt design painted on all three.   #'s 1 and 3 are a floral design you often see, and #2 is the bee sting design..     Place it with your old stoneware and it fits right in beautifully...measurements under each jug below...$95.00 ea

all sold

5 1/4" wide X 8 3/4" tall.$95
5" wide X 8" Tall,  $95
5" wide X 8 1/2" Tall,  $95
Cake stand with Shoofly Screen

Turned , wooden cake stand with shoo-fly screen.  Wonderful piece to use in the summer months when we eat outside often..  I've set mine up with differnt cheeses and crackers also..   so not just for cakes, cupcakes or fruits.. Don turned a nice, easy to get hold of knob.   I'm sorry I only have one of these for this update..  There's a website that sells them but as of right now, they can't get them  but think they possibly will again in the future.   Measures: ll" wide x 5 3/4" tall without screen..  12" total height with  screen and knob.    $98.00..........................           shipping will run approx $12-$13.  Some items I can combine  to save you $'s..  Just depends on how well they can be packed together...



Beehive style wooden bowls

Wooden bowls turned to resemble the  early style foot-operated lathe bowls which left definite turning lines. Finished in an old attic /natural surface.  3 available. sizes and price below each picture.......

#1. 10" wide x 4 1/2" tall.. $75.00
#3. 10" wide X 2 7/8" tall..$60.00
#2. 10 5/8" wide X 3" tall $65.00

all sold

Treen inkwell w/feather

Little wooden inkwell will sit proudly on your desk.. Makes an old desk look older and a new desk look old.  Made of walnut and  comes with the feather.  The top is slightly ink stained.  Displayed with an old pair of reading glasses and old leather  journal or book, will  give you the earliest look.... 6 available..   $29 ea.


Early style wooden plate

Each plate has the wear to resemble years and years of use.  There is slight warping, cut marks from a knife, staining,  a few burned edges.. Made from Hickory as many early plates were.  Good, scrubbed finish on each one. They measure 7 to 8 inches".......$69.00 each

all sold


Old Stone Tavern watercolor

Big, old stone tavern  watercolor sits in an old frame in black and gold,.  I went ahead and used the wooden backing it came with but don't feel it is original.....overgrown grass and no curtains in the windows.  Oh the stories this old tavern could tell..   Old oval sign still hangs on the left side of the main part of the tavern.. measures...9" X 7" .....$95.00


Marriage  Fraktur

Sweet, old  marriage fraktur for Adam and Elizabeth 1847 finished in golds and  blues..  " for that sweet far off forever" written below.   Good old black frame measures: 5 3/4" wide X 4 3/8" tall.    $55.00


Rufus Porter style landscape

Taken from a small portion of a room full of Rufus Porter murals..  This big red house has always fascinated  me..  It has a small pond out front and various trees..  I apologize for the glare.. No matter where I tried to picture it, there was some sort of reflection.  Finished in watercolors... Set in an old frame that I bought without the backing, so I added  this backing from some extra I have here.  measures: 8 X 5 7/8"    $75.00


Small Town on the River Watercolor

Once again, I apologize for the glare.   Watercolor picture depicts a very small, probably New England town sitting on the river bank.  The frame is very old with scarred, original black paint.  Measures approx: 9" X 6 5/8"..$95.


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